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Apr 23rd, 2017, 10:44am

Traveling Forge Construction discussion
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  New@Smithn:Coal@RRtrax burnabl,2 4with?
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New@Smithn:Coal@RRtrax burnabl,2 4with?
« Thread started on: Jun 11th, 2014, 02:02am »

Still scroungin bitz 4 4g construction.Hope 2 replicate CivilWar Traveln4g,yet pared-down4efficiency(weight&manuevers)2hitch-up2H.D.motosikl,w/early JohnDeere~style. Ultimately hope 2 find a 5'&skinny,d.o.t. tire,&make da wagonwheels w/aluminum.Have learned of J.D.wheel/tire@36",but REALLY HOPIN 2manage TALLEST,Pneumatic-tired/wagnwheel. Plan 2 do majority of fabrication w/anvil&fire.Have a 35# farrier's anvil,& found a $50 Leg-vise2rebuild. Expect 2use a firetrux brakedrum as firebox,&steel ammobox11"X14"X14"tall,as coalbox(wrapd in wood&steel).Hope2 find a brassfireXtinguisher4h2o reservoir.Got a stainlesspale as quencher,may wrap in wood/steel barrelstyle.Plan2fab a GreatBellows,but do have a gear-reduction,handcrankd,grindstone that I could adapt 2 a blower. I do appreciate any wisdom,&picturz.I use a prepaid flipphone as my internet source.10-20yrs weldn/fabn/wrenchn,tryin 2 T.C.B. w/out electricity as much as possible.Dysfunctional,Iraq-vet w/artistic heart 4 industrial-history,Americana,&Jesus.

Anchored4Armageddon,appetite4industry, by God's grace~
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Re: New@Smithn:Coal@RRtrax burnabl,2 4with?
« Reply #1 on: Jun 25th, 2014, 4:48pm »

I humbly suggest purchasing the mid-1800s official "blueprints" for the U.S. Army "Traveling Forge" Book No. 61 from

Every nail, bolt, an piece of wood for the Traveling Forge was documented and established as factory specifications for constructing equipment during the War Between the States.

Sorry, but what you described is not anywhere even close to what they used during that time period.
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Author of the book, "Civil War Blacksmithing" which is now available for purchase from
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